Take Two

It's strange now that I've been here a year, I'm starting to write final grant reports and new proposals for funders that I wrote to at this time last year.

Just this morning, I emailed off a final grant report to the funder of the first grant application I wrote when I was just learning how to do this last winter.

Likely later this week, or next week, just before the holidays, I'll write a new proposal to this same funder.

Something makes me think round two will be harder than round one was. Granted, our grants officer has said, like every foundation, this one is concerned with the stock market and the downturn and the impact that will have on how much they can give away. This makes me think that every proposal I write this year will have to be amazing to make the cut because there will likely be less dollars on the table and more people going after the same pot of money.

But, what this really reminds me of is though is school. When I was in college, because I went to a smaller school, I tended to have the same profs semester after semester. Yet each semester, there was that learning curve again of remembering how they graded their papers. This reminds me of that feeling, wanting to make sure that whatever I resubmit matches what they want.

Not like there's any pressure or anything.

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