Finishing up 2008

Since tomorrow is New Year's Eve, the office is closed, so today is the last day I'm in the office for 2008.

And do I have a lot to get done. (Why are you blogging then, you ask... good question... but now that I've started, I'll finish this entry.)

We've received a number of year-end donations. This is always a good thing. As is thanking donors, and I've got to get letters out.

There's a grant that's due tomorrow. Most of the time, I don't run up against deadlines quite this close, but since this is an online application, I can submit this afternoon and still be on time. (Somehow, this one wasn't on my radar before last week.)

Tonight is the Starfish Christmas party for our Scholars.... I will not be wearing roller skates, but I will have the camera, so photos should be forthcoming.

In the realm of VISTA supervisordom, I've also got to submit my monthly report of what the three VISTAs have been doing since the beginning of December.

Well, enough whining... I suppose I should actually get things done.

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