A little lesson

Here is a little lesson on not giving up on your goals too soon.

Remember how I said at $967,000 it was time to reset the money count for the next year because everything I'd written for during my VISTA year had come in? Remember how I said I just missed raising a million bucks?

I may have spoken a bit hastily.

There was an outstanding $50,000 grant that I forgot about. I wrote it in July. Five-six months ago. It was passing through a bunch of hoops that I didn't have anything to do with and what with the breakfast and becoming a VISTA supervisor, etc., it dropped off my radar.

Until today, and a copy of the $50,000 check was on my desk.

So, the money total now.... drumroll please... $1,017,000.

Yes, that's a "1" the millions column.

I guess this is what that expression about "feeling like a million bucks" refers to.


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VISTA Indiana said...

Fantastic! Indiana's own million dollar VISTA.

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