Big News, Part 2

Here's the rest of the news --- this was just too much to put in one Big News post.

Last week, Starfish was awarded the capital improvements grant from United Way! No more blue office for Bethany!

This also significantly changes the VISTA year money total. It now stands at $967,000. The capital fund grant was around $370,000 on its own. This grant pretty much closes out the grant writing I did as a VISTA, so the money coming in now is not part of this rolling total. (The counter has been reset to $0... or more like $2,000.)

So, I didn't quite hit the million-dollar mark. There were a couple grants that we didn't get that would have easily propelled me over that bench. But, I have to say, I'm exceptionally pleased with this total. (The prospect of the non-blue-office is quite appealing as well.)

We're meeting with the design and construction team again next week to finalize the design (it's been June since we really talked about it) and figure out who's moving to what offices and finalize picks of furniture, etc.

Hopefully, I'll have pictures to post of the renovations within a few months.

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Rachel J said...

Congrats! This is fantastic news. You were one great VISTA! Now the true test: Will you be a great VISTA supervisor? Only time will tell;)

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