One for One

You can't get them all.

Today, I got the first rejection for one of the grants I'd written. I know writing grants to national corporations is a greater long shot than writing grants to foundations and companies in the same area as the organization, but still, I was hopeful.

It was a good proposal. It fit with the areas the company supports. But they weren't interested.

So right now, I guess that means I'm I have a 50 percent success rate. Put that way, it feels rather gloomy. In school when percentages meant things on tests and papers, 50 percent was not a number I ever saw.

I know I shouldn't get down on myself or my writing ability because we didn't get this grant. It's just one grant, to one big company who likely gets thousands of applications for groups all over the country.

Still, it's a bummer. A big bummer.

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