I think the phrase is "rollin' in it"

I forgot to post another good news announcement from last week.

Another one of the grant applications I wrote came in, with a positive response and a check.

This brings my total money raised so far to $8,500 and my "score" on applications to 2-1.

I know $8,500 in the grand scheme of things isn't really very much money, but it's important. When you are trying to raise significant amounts of money, you can't discredit even the smaller grants, just because they are little. Both of the grants represent organizations that believe in what you are doing and your mission.

And I say, getting the little ones is like the pre-show entertainment for when the $20,000 grants come in.


David Hunter said...

Good to hear, especially considering your post from the 14th. Of course, a 50% success rating in grant apps is pretty good, too, from what I've seen. And $8,500 is a lot of money, especially from the VISTA perspective!

I once asked the development director where I serve what her ratio was, and she told me she doesn't really keep track because it'd be daunting. I'm sure that's not entirely true, but the message is a good one: as long as you're meeting your monetary goals, and not wasting too much time on failed proposals, it doesn't really matter.

Another thing to consider is that often proposals will be dumped for the pettiest of reasons--the grantor knows and doesn't like someone in your organization (like an executive director), doesn't like your organization in and of itself, or on the other end has some personal connection or preference with another applicant.

Then sometimes they're just tired when they finally get to your application. And since it mostly happens behind closed doors it's not really worth worrying about.

(Although I've been told that if you establish a brief connection with the grantor during the application process, it's not entirely out of line to call them a little while after being rejected to politely ask what you could do in the future to make a better proposal. They won't all respond of course, but some might.)

Again, I wouldn't worry and just celebrate the awards. Well, that is, unless you're like 0-10. Then it might be time to worry. :)

Rachel said...

You rock... Just like VISTA;)

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