Mentoring Celebration

Starfish staff participated today in the first Mentoring Month Luncheon and Expo hosted by the Alliance of Youth Mentoring Agencies.

Starfish is a founding member of the Alliance and so it was a big day for us to see this event finally take place.

We had a mentoring fair where 16 booths from different agencies that do some level of mentoring set up so individuals could learn about each other and hopefully, recruit some mentors.

Then, at the lunch, we heard a great keynote address from Tarik Glenn, a former pro-bowl offensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts. Glenn gave a great address, challenging mentors and mentoring agencies to have integrity, love and trust. "The most important thing is that if we mentor without love as the foundation, we aren't going to change anything," Glenn said.

One of our Starfish Scholars also had the opportunity to deliver the invocation for the event and did a great job.

As usual, I was the staff photographer and the photos are from the event. (I was going to post more photos, but at the moment, blogger.com is having conniptions...)

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