It's too quiet...and too busy...

Our summer VISTAs left us last week and wow, has it ever been quiet here since they're gone. This is the bad kind of a quiet, not the finally-it's-quiet kind of relieved quiet.

It's the bad quiet because they brought a level of well, fun, to the office. It's not that the rest of us aren't fun, it's just we're all pretty focused on what we're doing. The summer VISTAs did things like send out memos declaring it Hawaiian shirt Fridays. Now it's Friday again... and no Hawaiian shirts.

I also miss their enthusiasm for tackling projects. There's so much we need to get done right now, we could really use the extra help. I won't even begin to run down my to-do list because it's overwhelming.

One piece of good news -- we got the capital projects request resubmitted yesterday so that's off my plate for the second time. (Hopefully, the second time is the charm.) I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for getting the Blue Office to be a color that's not blue and to have new, unbroken furniture and workspaces in here before my official VISTA time is over. (Two months and one week left...so says the ticker at the bottom of the page...)

Anyway... in a break from routine, earlier this summer I joined some of my fellow VISTAs for a fun video spoof project of the The Office. Click here to watch our short film.

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