Brightening up the Blue Office while on deadline...and some good news

One of my Starfish coworkers just brought me a little vase of zinnias to brighten up my desk as I sit here for hours today working on a major grant.

This one is for $100K and it's due on Friday at noon. Since I'm taking off for a long holiday weekend on Friday that means it's due by EOB on Thursday. (EOB here is used loosely... I'll be here Thursday until as long as it takes to get done...)

I think it's really sweet that she brought me these flowers since I've spent all week in my office. (9 hours monday... 8.25 tuesday... ??? wednesday).

We should be a good fit for this grant. A really good fit. I think that's making me more stressed than when I go after a more long-shot funder.

Also brewing in the background still, the Capital Funds grant to the United Way which could make my office a color other than blue, goes back to the committee tomorrow. Still keeping my fingers crossed on this one because I would much rather have a gray and teal? gray and lime green? office than this blue that's here now. (All our offices get feature colored walls in the plan... I don't know how to pick which accent color I want if we get the money...)

Back to work...

4 p.m. update: The money total now stands at $202,000.

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Rachel J said...

Congrats on the money total. I hope your office gets the make-over it deserves;)

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