Yippee! One hurdle down

I've been working for the last two days on a major, major, capital project grant.

With Starfish growing, we've expanded into the back half of our building and with the help of a designer, put together an AWESOME-looking remodeling/renovation plan. No more blue office!...

At least, no more blue office if this request gets funded.

Anyway... the cool part of the story. Shortly before 3, the executive director and I hand-delivered our application to the funder since it was due by end-of-business today. Just a few minutes ago, she got a call from the grants manager that we are on the agenda to present our plan to the grant committee in about two weeks.

This is a great hurdle to get over so now we know we're on for sure!

I'll post more about the project, cost, status of the grant, etc, as it goes along.

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