Odds and Endings

I'm looking at my to-do list trying to figure out what to do next. Everything on there is a hodgepodge of jobs, none of which relate to each other. For example "IMS Sponsorships" is under "Make packets" and above "Scholar Newsletter." Big picture, they connect sure (all with the raising of the money), but individually they don't go together.

This is currently making it hard for me to figure out where to start. Yesterday I did all the jobs that had definitive ends. That was nice; makes me feel like I'm making progress. The jobs left on the list have ends (eventually) but they seem farther off or harder to get to or just nebulous. They are also less fun.

(And the weather for the third straight day is gorgeous outside. And I'm in the Blue Office with the hyperactive air conditioner that is determined to freeze me out of here.)

None of the things on the list is from the fundraising class I took a few weeks ago. I really want to get to that stuff, but the in-between stuff is making it hard to get to those big picture items.

Enough whining. Letter writing. I can get that job done.

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