Where is it I work again?

So in a moment of self-depricating humor here...

Moments ago, I just answered the phone telling the caller on the other end that they'd reached the newspaper where I used to work. My office-mate started laughing, I started laughing and trying to apologize to the caller.

I'm glad it wasn't a grants officer on the other end. Of course, the call was still serious and I feel like a total heel.

Ever since October, I've been worried I would make that mistake. I guess now that I've done it, I can stop worrying about it.

At a workshop I attended this fall, the speaker said if you weren't used to asking donors for 5-figure amounts, you should practice. Ask yourself in the mirror, ask your friends, your dog, whoever, just to get used to saying the words. Apparently, I need to take a step back and practice my phone greeting.

"Starfish Initiative, this is Bethany."

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