One Weird Work Day

I came back to work for one day in between the Christmas holiday and the New Year's holiday and it's an odd day to be at work, for sure.

The Starfish Christmas Tree met its end today, or at least, got reacquainted with the box it came in. Since I decorated it, I figured I should undecorate it. Not as much fun of course, but we don't want to be that office with the tree up until Valentine's Day.

I've written a couple gift in-kind donation receipts and managed to secure another donation for our mentor event in January. We're trying to get cool little giftbags together for all of our mentors and so I'm trying to convince some businesses that they want to give us things.

Tomorrow we're having a Christmas party event for the Scholars. We're playing laser tag and I've once again been entrusted with the digital camera. No, I doubt there will be any laser tag action shots; I will be participating in said game myself and trying to play and take photos in the dark is just way too complicated. I will post some photos next week, I hope.

Next week, it will be back to work on the grant writing stuff. January's still a big month for proposals and I've got several that have to be started, finished and submitted in the next few weeks.

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