Post PSO

First things first. And this is not whining. It's a statement of fact. Three-and-a-half days of training in an O'Hare airport hotel is a lot. It's a lot of sitting and a lot of hotel food and just over all, a lot.

It's also a lot of fellow VISTAs, which is really pretty inspiring.

Apparently, there were 120-plus of us new-ish VISTAs at this training, all getting to ready to return to, or start, our placings throughout the Midwest. These are people all dedicated to fighting in the war on poverty, working in areas from fair housing to closing the digital divide to disaster preparedness.

I obviously didn't get to know everyone in my VISTA PSO class, but of those I did, we were a pretty eclectic group though we now all have this common goal. There were retirees and people barely done with college, single parents, young marrieds, writing majors, psychology majors, liberals and conservatives. There was the rest of my group at the "rowdy table" (you know who you are... )

It really was pretty neat to see all of us from so many different places and backgrounds and lifestyles all agreeing to do one thing for the next year -- fight poverty.

We can change the world. I'm sure of it.

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