Does Hallmark take requests?

The project on my desk for today is this -- rewrite the thank you letter we send to donors. (OK, technically, it's not the only project on my desk today, just to be clear. They are keeping me far busier than that.)

I went yesterday to a brown bag lunch round table for small nonprofits and the topic du jour was thanking donors. According to the presenter at lunch, Ann Updegraff Spleth, VP for Seminary Advancement at Christian Theological Seminary, a good thank you letter should use the word "you" more times than you use the word "we." If the "yours" in "yours truly" counts as a "you," our letter is even on "we's" and "you's."

The other problem with it, in my mind, is that it's too long. So, today the letter gets a make-over.

Anybody have any good synonyms for "thanks?"

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