Welcome to Crunch Time

In a few minutes, I'm headed into my weekly Monday morning meeting and then -- then -- once that is over, crunch time begins.

The open house is now in 10 business day (counting today) and there's quite a long list of things that need to be done/completed for that.

Last week, I got the June issue of our donor newsletter sent to our graphic designer (YAY for making self-imposed deadlines). With that out the door, I could erase my dry erase board full of those plans and re-fill it up with a giant open house to-do list. This list has everything on it from "tent delivery" to "name tags" and all sort of things in between.

Granted, not everything on this list is something I have to accomplish. Our Event Planner VISTA is doing a great job of helping to coordinate things and make displays and just think through what all needs to be done and finalized.

Just in case you were wondering, grant applications and other things are still on-going. In fact, we've got another fairly major grant that's due shortly after the open house is over and I've also got a new e-mail blast marketing system to figure out.

To be clear, I'm not whining. I'd rather be busy than bored any day.

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