Deadlines are no match for me and my happy fingers

Updating from the post on Monday where I was discussing (OK, whining) about all the deadlines I had coming at me.

I have completed both of the grant applications I wanted to get done this week. I have also sent the text and photos to our graphic designer to get going on the next issue of our newsletter. I have one more day left in this week, which means I can move on to other things on my list.

Getting these three projects done or moving forward (in the case of the newsletter) is a huge relief. All of a sudden, May was feeling mostly gone and what with the holiday Monday, having not enough time all told to finish everything. I still have more things on my to-do list than I have crossed off, but I use the list as well as a way to look ahead to the next things.

Also, this week, the Starfish IT guy brought me over an ergonomic keyboard and my fingers are so very happy already.

Here's what I'm talking about if you've never seen one.

For people who spend a great deal of time at the keyboard, this style of keyboard is much better. Every time I go back to one of these, my typing accuracy improves and it's just so much more natural because it keeps your hands angled instead of turning your wrists in.

I guess it's silly that a keyboard and meeting three deadlines would make me happy, but it does!

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Liz Wallace said...

amen on ergo-correct keyboards! i had one at CHIP, and I miss it hardcore. :(

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