Resistance is futile

I'm feeling a bit Borg-like today. (In case you don't know the reference, the Borg are good old aliens from Star Trek that have technology grafted into their bodies.)

Our office administrator is on a well-deserved vacation this week and so everybody is the office is getting a turn for a day with her phone headset.
Today is my day.
Answering phones is not a job that's routinely something VISTAs do because it's too much direct service and not capacity building, but when everybody has to take a turn, it's OK.
The only problem (and OK, I'm whining here) is that the headset isn't comfortable. It sort of pinches. And pokes. And after a few hours I want to take it off.
Oh well. It's just for a day.

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Liz Wallace said...

you must become a part of the collective. you aren't perfect unless you're a part of the collective
yay star trek! boo headset...

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